Human Rights and Democracy 2014-15


This is one of 27 human rights priority countries included in the latest annual FCO Human Rights Report. Updates are published on the GOV.UK website every six months to highlight key human rights events in these countries, and to report on actions that the UK has taken.

Comments on the main report or updates can be made below. They will be monitored and moderated by staff at the Human Rights and Democracy Department at the FCO who will also try and answer as many questions as possible.

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2 comments on “Libya

  1. Walied zubi says:

    Why did not clearly and explicitly addressed in your report on the actions of the war criminal retired Gen. Khalifa Haftar !!? And carried out by his militia and supporters of murder and genocide and the burning of homes and killing of civilians identity, religion !!? And violations of human rights under the pretext of fighting terrorism and killed outside the legitimacy!? And abuses in secret prisons outside legitimacy in Prairie cities, white and Tobruk !!? It Granada and Barss prisons near Prairie

    1. FCO Human Rights says:

      Our Libya “Country of Concern” report for 2014 recorded that UNSMIL documented abductions and the torture of detainees, allegedly by Warshafana militia groups, forces allied to Libya Dawn, and forces affiliated to General Haftar. Together with our international partners, the UK has strongly condemned all violence in Libya, including air strikes, which undermines the prospects for a negotiated settlement, and highlighted the terrible suffering caused for all in Libya.

      The UK remains steadfast in our work to support the United Nations’ efforts led by UN Special Representative of the Secretary General Bernardino Leon to resolve the political and security crisis and bring about stability and a peaceful political transition in Libya. The UK Special Envoy to the Libyan Political Transition, Jonathan Powell, and the UK Diplomatic network are working hard with key Libyan interlocutors and international partners to support UN efforts to facilitate a fully inclusive dialogue to reach a lasting political agreement. The UK welcomed the dialogue talks hosted by the UNSMIL in Rabat from 5 to 7 March, and the following week in Algeria and Brussels. We urge all participants to attend further talks with goodwill and adopt inclusive policies, to lay the foundations for a Government of National Unity. We are prepared to implement UN Security Council Resolution 2174 to take action against parties who continue to use violence or obstruct the political dialogue.

      If you have further details of allegations of human rights violations, not covered in our report or in upcoming quarterly updates, please use this website to contact us.