Human Rights and Democracy 2014-15

Country Case Study: The Gambia

Comments on this section of the 2014 Human Rights Report can be made below. They will be monitored and moderated by staff at the Human Rights and Democracy Department at the FCO who will also try and answer as many questions as possible.

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4 comments on “Country Case Study: The Gambia

  1. Mr G. Saine says:

    Huge credit and commendation to the FCO and our diplomats around the world on this annual human rights report published!
    As for the Gambia, and its erratic leader, the report was spot on although it could have gone further in exposing the atrocities and all other human rights violations being perpetrated under that dictatorship! The lack of foresight, mismanagement of the public purse, links to drug traffickers and corruption perpetuated by ”Jammeh” is unrivalled in the annals of that country, nor anywhere else within the sub-region. Across Africa many countries are moving towards representative democracy, taking Senegal and Ghana as examples.
    Despite frustrations and anger amongst us all democracy loving activists, I urge the foreign and commonwealth office not to lose hope, nor give up on the people of the Gambia. Both these two (London & Banjul) share an unbreakable bond and history and the sunshine will shine brighter some day soon, and business will boom again for both our people. I urge our Banjul diplomats to continue the good work on the ground exercising leverage both unilaterally and thru our multilateral partners EU, UN, and civil society in applying pressure on president Jammeh to change his ways. African dictators fear the media and we shall continue to expose his womanising and corrupt ways! Britain does not always get it right in our foreign policy, but the values we hold dearly as enshrined in the 800yr old ‘Magna Carta’ restraining those holding public office thru strong institutions giving power to the people should be non-negotiable, traversable, nor compromised in our dealings with nutcases as Jammeh, Mugabe, Maduaro (Venezuela) and all such illegimate leaders. The FCO has grown becoming an indispensable force within Westminster and beyond and life without this department – well we may as well call it quits and return to the winter of 1215.
    Many regards

  2. As a Gambian and the entire Gambian pupolate, are really very sad about this report, as it does not make mention of all the torture, illigal imprisonment, disapearance, killings, rape and the rate of exiles.

  3. Anne Dagnall says:

    Having lived in The Gambia throughout Jammeh’s ‘reign’ I can vouch that everything in the report is 100% true and accurate. Please recognise there is no National Assembly/Parliament here – just a group of sycophants on his pay roll, all determined to hang on to their jobs. Gambians are weary of diplomatic hand-slapping by the EU, UK Govt, UN etc. They live in fear of expressing their opinions openly and want/need to see action, fully accepting this will result in increased financial hardship.

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