Human Rights and Democracy 2014-15

Country Case Study: Nigeria – Boko Haram and the Fight against Terrorism

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2 comments on “Country Case Study: Nigeria – Boko Haram and the Fight against Terrorism

  1. Chris says:

    What is the total cost of British support to Nigeria against Boko Haram?

    1. FCO Human Rights says:

      The UK is providing a range of military, intelligence and development support to help Nigeria and its neighbours tackle Boko Haram and support its civilians affected by the conflict. We do not provide an overall total, but it includes £5m to the Multinational Joint Task Force set up to fight Boko Haram and at least £20m in humanitarian support to Nigeria and its neighbours suffering the impact of Boko Haram. In addition this year the UK will spend around £250m on security, stability and development projects in Nigeria. Much of this work will support the Prime Minister’s priority of working with President Buhari to win the fight against Boko Haram.