Human Rights and Democracy 2014-15

Chapter VII: Human Rights in Safeguarding the UK’s National Security

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2 comments on “Chapter VII: Human Rights in Safeguarding the UK’s National Security

  1. Mrs B Collins says:

    Re. CTPF One aim is to prevent & tackle extremism & radicalisation. I was privileged to watch a film recently called Timbuktu. This has won 7 awards Worldwide but seems to have been suppressed here??Basically it shows how life in a Muslim village changes when it falls under the rule of extremists. Nothing is
    left out and it is difficult to watch at times but the message is very very clear. I am amazed that this film has not been advertised more widely. It does not oppose the Muslim faith – just the opposite but shows how their faith and their lives are demolished by fanatics. What a wonderful way to get this message across to vulnerable teenagers and upwards in the UK. It should be shown in all secondary schools/colleges etc. so they really know what they are signing up to when they decide life will be better following these people. It is natural for displaced people to want to return to their family roots – I want to return to Kent from Wilts because I spent 60 years of my life there I feel displaced and I listened to people in Israel saying just the same thing – what they all really want deep down is to go back to their roots. Apparently the Mayor of Paris opposed this French film (not sure of reason) On my last visit to Paris I cried in the street as it is the only civilised City I have ever been to where whole families of refugees with beautiful children (some non Muslim) were sleeping rough – I could not believe my eyes. Yes, it is difficult to watch but it is certainly not anti Muslim. Please, please show it in our schools.

    1. FCO Human Rights says:

      Thank you for your comment.